Messier 39
is Cape Sidereal (Synths/Programming/Vocals) and Ludwika Jakubowska (Vocals/Lyrics).

This ‘European Lowlands’ covenant was forged in January 2015 and aims to deliver a Dark, Electronic and Analogue 80’s sound. Messier 39 is a celestial object typically seen as one star but in fact it consists of tons of far away stars acting together as one…

_MG_5059-bewerkt-1_MG_5068-bewerkt-1Cape Sidereal (BE) grew up during the 80’s playing in several bands ranging from Post punk to Darkwave. After a long period of radio silence he started his solo project Cape Sidereal in 2012. After some long distance collaborations (Countess M, Kriistal Ann) the desire grew to found a new band on a solid base, and that’s where Messier 39 kicked in.

Ludwika (NL) – an artist with many talents –  establishes a profound connection with the music through poetry and a natural deep voice. Lyrics that tend to contain autobiographical elements tell stories that have to be told.